Sustainable Agriculture Kilifi

Cultivating hopes and supporting sustainable agriculture.


After 14 years working in Kenya we have experience industrial agriculture, a system dominated by growing the same crops year after year, using enormous amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that damage our ecosystem – that is soil, water, air and climate, eventually degrading the resources it depends upon.

In line with the global agenda for climate, and the need to save our dear planet from further negative impact from the above-mentioned effects, amongst other factors, there is need to apply new innovative and sustainable approaches that cut across all development activities including Agriculture.

This is why, Gapeka Children’s Hope Centre in partnership with Austria-based Harambee donor agency is conceptualizing SAKI (sustainable Agriculture Kilifi), which in essence, is a sustainable farming system which takes into account, the environmental, economic and social viability.

This system has room for farmers of all size, producing a diverse range of food adapted to local conditions and the regional market.

SAKI is designed to integrate three main objectives:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic profitability
  • Social and economic equity

We empower communities through farming activities and educate and train individuals to become farmers and stewards of tomorrow.

What sustainable agriculture means to us

Environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability means good stewardship of the natural system and resources farms rely on – this includes:

  • building healthy soil and preventing erosion
  • managing water wisely
  • storing carbon on farm
  • increasing resilience to extreme weather
  • promoting biodiversity

Economic benefit.

Economically sustainable agriculture is one that enables farming businesses of all sizes to grow, it should be viable, efficient and profitable while delivering growth for the entire community now and for future generations.

Social and economic equity.

The broader socio-economic framework should, on the one hand, provide enough food and fair employment for the local population while also producing enough food for a growing global population.

Our vision

  • is to bring change to society by protecting the environment, expanding natural resources and making use of non-renewable resources.
  • is to help farmers increasing their harvest, building their income and sustaining natural resources – also partnering with government and other community organizations to embrace sustainability.
  • is finally to achieve food security and improve nutrition, enhance environmental quality and natural resources, sustaining the economic viability of farming while prioritizing sustainable agriculture and climate change.

How we live sustainable agriculture

supporting farmers:

  • farmers training
  • prototype demonstrations
  • on farm trials
  • farmers field schools
  • frontline demonstrations

supporting sustainable agriculture:

  • crop rotation
  • eliminating or reducing tillage
  • planting cover crops or perennials
  • adopting organic farming
  • integrated pest management
  • adopting agroforestry practices
  • embracing crop diversity and urban agriculture

SAKI is part of

Gapeka Childrens Hope Center
P.O. Box 885
80108 Kilifi

Contact Field Manager Saki:
David Kazungu Kahindi