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GAPEKA Children’s Hope Center

NGO in Kilifi, Kenya

At the GAPEKA Children’s Hope Center, we ensure that children and young people from poorer backgrounds in Kenya also receive a high quality school education and are optimally equipped for today’s requirements. This includes supporting them to the end of their further training at vocational schools, college or university – and thus giving them prospects in their own country.
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What we do

Change through Education

Education Program.

  • We sponsor children to access formal education from primary school level onwards.
  • We construct and manage formal educational institutions (Primary and Secondary Schools) and also fund scholarships for further education at college and university.

Outstanding School

  • The Kilifi Vonwald School was founded by Gabriele Vonwald in Kilifi in 2008 and now belongs to the Kenyan organization GAPEKA in Kenya, including the property.
  • The running costs are financed by donations.
  • The school is state-recognized, so that the path to university is also open to students after completing their exams.
  • We are controlled regularly and work very closely with the Ministry of Education.


„GAPEKA Children’s Hope Center“ – registered NGO in Kenya

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Our credo is that people from poor backgrounds also have a right to education, cleanliness, standard and beauty. Our help does not end with the pure school education, but we also support students at university and college, both of which are associated with very high costs in a country like Kenya.

GAPEKA was founded in 2009 by Gabriele Vonwald – as a Kenyan organization and counterpart to the Austrian organization Harambee. GAPEKA is registered in Kenya as a full NGO (non government organization). This ensures tax exemption in Kenya as well as non-profit status and protects against expropriation or takeover by individuals.

Registering as an NGO was not the easy way, but it is forward-looking:

  • For sustainable development together with the Kenyan authorities and the local people.
  • GAPEKA consists only of Kenyan citizens who run the project with great commitment – in cooperation with but independent of the Austrian organization Harambee.

Our core values


As a non-profit organization, GAPEKA appreciates this donation of time approach, the rewards of which, being multifaceted, are overwhelmingly satisfying for any human resource donor.


This virtue is and remains an integral core value of our organization.

Transparency / Accountability.

We uphold and value the highest possible levels of transparency and accountability, considering that it has a directly proportionate positive impact on overall performance.


Competence in service delivery across all our programs and projects is a strongly promoted work culture for us.


GAPEKA values ​​and lives a quality-oriented focus in terms of all-round service and in all programs and projects of the organization.

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Contact in Europe

Gabriela Vonwald

Founder and honorary member

Maria Theresienstr. 10/12
7100 Neusiedl

E: gabriela.vonwald@gapeka.org

T: +43 (699) 17186935

Contact in Kenya

Jonathan Guyo Lolo

CEO Gapeka

P.O.Box 306
80108 Kilifi

E: office@gapeka.org

T: +254 (734) 255 163

Gabriel Katana Gona

Contact in Kenya

Prof. Gabriel Katana Gona

Chair of Gapeka

P.O.Box 306
80108 Kilifi

E: gona.katana@gapeka.org

T: +254 (716) 307144