school-kids-gapekaGAPEKA Children‘s Hope Center is a non-government organization operating within the republic of Kenya with a national scope. The organization, working as a local representative entity of an Austrian donor organization going by the name HARAMBEE, has a major objective being promotion and facilitation of proportional growth, development and empowerment of the disadvantaged, with the child as the primary focus.

The organization has the following programs in place as instruments: Education, Housing and Shelter, Health and Sanitation, Relief, Economic Empowerment and Environment.

Our Mission.

We are committed to facilitate proportional and holistic development of the somewhat disadvantaged in the communities prioritising a child.

Our Vision.

GAPEKA Children’s Hope Center lives to see a proportionally grown and developed child leading a fulfilled life hence fully resourceful to the entire society.

Our Goal.

To promote, encourage and facilitate holistic growth and development of the disadvantaged child.

Our Board Objectives.

  • To promote education.
  • To promote good health and hygiene.
  • To promote economic development and empowerment.
  • To promote better housing and general living condition.
  • To promote positive attitude, responsible and friendly practices towards the physical environment for sustainable development.