Kilifi Vonwald School

Schule Vonwald KilifiOn April 1, 2008, Ms. Vonwald bought a block of land on the outskirts of Kilifi and began, initially exclusively with private money to build a school for children who would otherwise not have a chance to go to school. Since then much has happened.

Currently (September 2012), there are over 500 students in this school. It includes 13 classrooms. There are two toilets and a kitchen with dining room.
The children receive two meals a day and all necessary books and school supplies. All running costs are funded by a godfather / godmother in Europe so that every child has the chance to attend school.

The construction of the school was financed through extra donations and private money from Ms Vonwald.

What is different about this school (except that it is built beautifully and the whole “trappings” a delight to the eye)?Foto-18 Well, our philosophy was and is that we want to produce no unemployed, can read and write, so we have the best teachers, small classes (for Kenyan conditions with normally class sizes of up to 100 children), good books and school papers and with two meals a day sitting in the classes no hungry children, which also affects the learning performance. We have a private consultant, a retired civil servant from the Ministry of Education, for the ongoing training our teachers.

In addition, we offer voluntary educational events on still more themes, such as Taekwando, choir, a theater group, a boy band with hip-hop, classical dances and brand new, a separate group artistic work. We have a volleyball club and 60 of our children are organized in the Boy Scouts. We read “Treasure Island” and Robinson Crusoe “, just as we begin next year with Shakespeare and a computer class.

Since our school is now almost ready – we would still solar panels are missing because where solar energy has rather as in an African country, we are working on and that will be completed by year end.
The next step, and here again we ask for donations and construction aid, is to build a secondary school. The plot of land for this we have already purchased. It is planned as a boarding school, including dormitories for about 120 children.