In an effort to realize the desired results, GAPEKA Children’s Hope Center has the following programs as instruments in place.

Education Program.

  • We sponsor children to access formal education from primary school level onwards.
  • We construct and manage formal educational institutions (Primary and Secondary Schools).

Health & Sanitation Program.

  • We facilitate better diet, sanitation and hygiene to beneficiary families.
  • We facilitate medical attention to our spon- sored children.
  • We provide food through school based feeding sub-program.

Housing & Shelter Program.

  • We facilitate better housing to needy families through affordable accommodation in private and social living sub-programs.

Economic Empowerment Program.

  • We offer interest free small loans to beneficiary parents.
  • We provide basic entrepreneurship training and mentorship to beneficiary parents.

Environment Program.

  • We facilitate positive attitude, responsible and friendly practices towards the physical environment for sustainable development.

Relief Program.

  • In case of emergence such as drought and famine, we solicit and distribute relief materials to families e.g. food-stuff and clothes.