building new social house - Kilifi

Start to a new social living house

This week we have in the pouring rain – fortunately it is finally raining  -started building the next Social Living House  and another is now in planning. This means, that another two or even four families can look forward to a decent living soon. Since I still often so clearly remember the beginnings of this project in me, these houses are always something special for me.

Now the last child from the first hours of our project just moved into he’s house. Little Jimmy was just 4 years old, today he is a tall lanky boy and his big brother is already a real man. I always promised them eventually it would come off, the housing situation has always been terrible. But – always someone else needed it more, emergencies, or where the roof had simply flown away, lying on the road. Now it was finally their time – such a pleasure for us all.

And the next families waiting are also currently living under circumstances in which you would get problems in Europe, if you would keep a goat so. Here I also like that two families who are now neighbours, come together in a shared house.

And for the sponsors, it is also great, finally to see a plaque with their names on the house wall. The current house is for example a milestone birthday, and what more beautiful present could you give.