You may know the saying: If you give a man a fish, you have to give him repeatedly fish, better to teach him fishing.

After step 1 – School and Step 2 – Living, the challenge now is to provide our families on their own feet, instead of giving them time and again small donations, such as alms. Step 3 is therefore called – Microfinance, however, interest free. We plan a total of 100 of these supports for the top, on the one hand as an agricultural project, on the other hand as a small step in a separate transaction for the year 2013. Our mothers are certainly enthusiastic and the “Audition” has begun, because of course we take every one at hand and develop customized programs.

Agriculture means for those who have a small piece of land, therefore, not only seeds and assistance in expertise (here helps us incidentally, the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture for free), but also purchase guarantee for our school lunches and – we want to get away from corn, because of the fact a very complicated, sophisticated plant and there are always bad harvests. Instead, there will be more vegetables and sweet potatoes, and we want to introduce the good old millet again, which is easy to clean and nutritious. And the target are salable surpluses, not just the self-sufficiency of their own family.

Who would like to give such a micro-credit, which is strictly controlled by us (but as I said, without hope of profit, ie without interest), it’s about 100, – 150, – or 200, – Euro. Sums so, where holds the risk for Europeans well within limits.

We will also, because in Kenya, not everyone is made ​​for self-employment and agriculture, specifically talk with established small business, so to speak, to make a kind of good conduct, and so try to bring some of our families in bread and work, as a craftsman, assistants, shop assistant etc.