A Trip to Remember

Thanks to Ulli Assman’s 800 Euros donation, this time we were able to take our kids to the Moi Airport and Fort Jesus in Mombasa.

Look at what they had to say about the airport;

Marrieta Kahindi , Class 6 : “I’ve seen an aeroplane on TV and books, but today I am looking at it right in front of me, Wow it’s huge!”

Robert Mbashu, Class 6 : “I’ve really enjoyed seeing planes taking off and some landing, I am really glad to be here today!”

The trip to Fort Jesus was likewise an interesting one. The Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th Century Portuguese military fortification and a landmark in history. They  learnt a lot about this historical structure while enjoying the view.

We really appreciate the donation @UlliAssman.

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